About Daisy Pottery

I've been making my own pottery about 10 years. I took my first pottery class because a friend talked me into going with her to learn. She has since stopped, but I can't. I especially like to make bowls, but in the last few years I have started to make mini vases. It can be a BIG challenge to make small objects on a pottery wheel. Much to my surprise it is often harder to throw small rather than big. 
To be honest, even as a child I liked mud. I loved making mud pies that were sandwiched between two big leaves, sometimes stacked to form a mud cake. I'm sure that has something to do with my love of clay today.

Please take a look around and visit my Etsy Shop to see what I have available now or to contact me.

"Being creative is not a hobby.  It's a way of life." -unknown

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